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Self-Mastery is the key to manifestation. Transforming obstacles into opportunities is the key to shifting your reality!

- The Citrine Goddess

I'm Monique, The Citrine Goddess, and I teach practical ways to achieve Self-Optimization. As an Intuitive Alchemist and Yogi, conquering Analysis Paralysis requires consistent shifting of perspective and inspired actions. I provide realistic solutions that transform obstacles into opportunities.

I use various healing modalities such as Yoga, Herbalism, Metaphysical elements, Aromatherapy, Nature, Personal Experience, and Intuitive Insight to support transformation.

The problem I’ve noticed and experience is we seek help outside of ourselves instead of utilizing the power of our mind which is the fuel needed to create transformative energy and my intention is to guide you back to this realization.

Self-Optimization is Manifestation Power! 

My Environment made me an Alchemist, then I transformed into a Goddess...

The Citrine Goddess

New Services/Classes Available

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Becoming a Goddess

Discuss the use of Yoni Eggs, Yoni Steams, and the benefits. Receive tips and tricks for more pleasurable intimacy. Get quick answers to Questions/Concerns. 

Kitchen Magic

Are you ready to create Magic in your Kitchen? In this class, you'll receive 1 Herbal Tincture or 1 Herbal Elixir, The Kitchen Magic quick reference guide full of recipes, supply checklist, and more.

Intuitive Guidance/Coaching

Learn how to repair & strengthens YOUR intuition, create real happiness, and manifest your highest potential, purpose, and vision.

Yoga | Meditative Movement

Learn how to connect the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT through Yoga and Dance. This workshop will teach various techniques and styles of both Dance and Yoga. Beginner Friendly, not to be confused with Easy. :) Prepare for a Sensual Challenge.

Intuitive Conversations Podcast

Listen to Intuitive Conversations with The Citrine Goddess intended to inspire positive thoughts of self-love, Perspective Shifting & everything else.

Listen Now!